5913 Main St.
Suite 101
Ooltewah, TN 37363

(423) 362-7962


I have moved to Chattanooga from Gadsden, Alabama so I had to find my family a new dentist. Carried my 2 son's 1st. Fell in love with Dr. Lopez. Made myself appt after kids visit.
As you get older your bones gets weaker. And boy have my teeth have changed. Especially after having 3 son's. I cracked a tooth . Dr Lopez was so gentle, making sure the numbing gel was for sure rubbed in my gums. Getting my mouth ready for the shots. It was a big crack in tooth so I knew it was gonna take a lot of numbing. He did a awesome job with shots. Getting my mouth all numbed up . Didnt feel any pain, when i did feel like i was a little uncomfortable he put another shot in there. He's GREAT !! The whole staff is great. Very sweet.


This is the 3rd time we have been here. This time we were 20 min early. Apparently, they had finished with the previous patient and instead of waiting until the appointment time, they brought us back right away. Many medical offices will wait. As always, the staff were great!


This is the most professional dental office you will find locally. I take all of my children (5 total) to The Art of Dentistry. They are very knowledgeable, dependable, caring, and compassionate. They always work proactively and catch problems early. I've never felt so well cared for from a dentist. Would recommend them to all.


I must say I had one of the best experiences. The staff is very friendly and oh so helpful. Dr. Lopez is so personable and makes you feel at ease. I’m so happy I found them. Yes Lily, it’s true you all are awesome 😉!